Jun. 20th, 2013

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I'm going to join the 100 things bandwagon and list 100 things I like. :P

I've always thought I looked better in longer sleeved clothing. I almost always wear a jacket or hoodie before I go to sleep, I almost don't even need a blanket. They keep you so warm and comfortable. Another thing I like about hoodies especially is that my furry alter ego wears a dark blue hoodie of his own! When I first began drawing him, I thought he looked boring without any clothes, so I just threw a hoodie on him. :)

One of my older drawings of him, but it's the only picture of him with a blank environment.
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I've always found multiple arrays of colors, especially mixed and mismatched so magical. I don't really like the color yellow by itself. But with another color or more, it looks better to me.I honestly think that black and white would like nice every once in awhile but can get quite boring most of the time. I know that if I grew up with black and white television, I wouldn't have thought of it this way, but with the way I grew up; my childhood was quite colorful.

A few spam pics of colors )


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