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This isn’t really a rant. But more like a deep thought, but maybe it is a rant in some places. I really enjoy drawing and dancing. I’ve done them respectively since 2009, being 15 at that time. I’m 19 going on 20 in a couple months. I was also suggested by my sister that I become an YouTube celebrity known for my, “Child like” looks, personality and deep thinking. But I can’t picture myself talking about like an album or what I just ate. Whether my personality is quirky or comically angry or stereotypically gay. It would just bore me. From then on, I’ve been looking at myself really hard at my specialties or abilities to improve. Lately, I’ve been longing to do something new. Like maybe music, despite how much I suck at it. I’ve slightly wanted to improve my voice so I don’t sound weak and/or learn an instrument; more specifically, a piano or a guitar. And if I do go for music, it would be great to see what lyrics I could write or what melody sounds catchy. Maybe I could take part of a band that specialises in Alternative Rock or experimental music. I would have to work extra hard at it and it be a very long way till I would play music well. My gut instincts are telling me that I should try it out to see if I would like it though. I’ve also considered being a freelance artist. I’ve wanted to try writing children’s books or try out animation when I do become one. I’ve wanted to do some dancing as well, but my interest in it have been wavering around about it. I also don’t want to do an academic career. Especially not computer science, which my mom may be little bit forcing on me. I hate coding because I’m not expressing myself. I really want to do what I can to express myself whether it’s art or music or dancing. I’m just starting to lose my direction on what’s right or wrong. And if I think too much about it or focus on one and abandon the other, it would be too late. So I don’t know what else to do with my future. I want to be successful at something that I know that I love doing, and I could even do music and art and dancing at the same time; I just don’t want to make the wrong decision of finding my potential. Maybe I’m just whining or being a grouch about it. It’s just really hard to see what will lie ahead. And I will have to work really hard to see if I’ll do the right thing or not. But in the end, it’ll hopefully be worth it.
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I've always found multiple arrays of colors, especially mixed and mismatched so magical. I don't really like the color yellow by itself. But with another color or more, it looks better to me.I honestly think that black and white would like nice every once in awhile but can get quite boring most of the time. I know that if I grew up with black and white television, I wouldn't have thought of it this way, but with the way I grew up; my childhood was quite colorful.

A few spam pics of colors )
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I'm going to join the 100 things bandwagon and list 100 things I like. :P

I've always thought I looked better in longer sleeved clothing. I almost always wear a jacket or hoodie before I go to sleep, I almost don't even need a blanket. They keep you so warm and comfortable. Another thing I like about hoodies especially is that my furry alter ego wears a dark blue hoodie of his own! When I first began drawing him, I thought he looked boring without any clothes, so I just threw a hoodie on him. :)

One of my older drawings of him, but it's the only picture of him with a blank environment.
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I have lived the country life since 2003. When I was 9 years old. Now it's 2013 and I'm 19 years old! Now me and my family had decided that it's time for us to move on from living that lifestyle. Due to living that life though, I'm rather socially impaired... However, I think I'm glad I did live that life because I would've been more miserable and stupid during my teenage years. We've been wanting to move since late 2011, and the devastating wait IS FINALLY OVER!!!! :D Getting a house in a larger town was pretty difficult. One of the houses we were considering was half the size of our larger house now, and was built in the early 1900's. We failed to get the loan for that house, though.

Our next attempt after 3 or 4 duds was what would've been the most perfect house for us to live in. just the right amount of room square feet. Then our loving and dear grandfather snatched our opportunity away from us, we've fought it back and won!... but as it turned out... Our real estate agent, not ever offering the house before had the audacity to SELL THE HOUSE TO HIMSELF.

Finally, we succeeded finding a home!.. That is quite small... .____. The living rooms are the size of bedrooms and the bedrooms are almost the size of bathrooms. >____< Since we have quite a bit that won't fit in the house, we will rent a storage building for them. We can't get a larger house because our loan wouldn't be enough to pay for them as well as for some repairs that need to be done.

But all and all, we will move to a larger town with a society that is hopefully at least a bit more advanced. I am considering of attending the college there and major in art or performing arts. I'm excitedly stressed out because I will move and I need to get started on packing till the end of march. >___>

But yeah... yay...
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I'm not sure what to do here, so I'll just mess around a bit :P


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